[Owasp-leaders] Blogs under owasp.org?

Achim achim at owasp.org
Fri Oct 22 16:30:42 EDT 2010


22.10.10 17:29, Carlos Serrão wrote:
> Hi all,
> another interesting thing that could be done is the creation of specific owasp.org specific subdomains to be better identifiable... I give some exemples:
> - pt.owasp.org (redirects to the portuguese owasp chapter)
> - es.owasp.org (to the spain owasp chapter)
> - ibwas.owasp.org (redirects to owasp IBWAS conference)
> I think this would be a good idea to implement.

we discussed that too with Tom Brennan at the recent
AppSec 2010 Germany last tuesday ;-)

Tom immediately started to work on it, let's help him ...


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