[Owasp-leaders] Reviving the OC Chapter

Neil Matatall neil at owasp.org
Fri Oct 22 08:53:06 EDT 2010

I'm planning a half day event sometime late January to help revive my chapter (orange county, ca) . I would greatly appreciate any promotion, speaker opportunities, venues (prefer to avoid the university this time), and other input. Details coming later, but any help from leaders early on is much appreciated.  I am shooting for 50-150 attendees (broad, I know) with 3-5 speakers and at least one meal. And of course, "free as in beer" for all leaders :)

The area where I need the biggest help is high quality speakers, and I know owasp has a few of those ;), my secondary concern is a quality venue. For the Twitter users out there, the account is owaspoc, and retweets are greatly appreciated (nothing up yet) 


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