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Sandra Paiva sandra.paiva at owasp.org
Thu Oct 21 10:17:38 EDT 2010

Dear all,


I have been asked by the OWASP Board to start off the process of designing
and building a new concept that will be closely linked to the training
activities promoted by OWASP and that intends to take this area one step


The idea is to create what we will call OWASP Academies -


The OWASP Academies will be a frame under which work should be done with
Universities, Polytechnic Institutes, IT Schools and other Academic
institutions with a view to establish solid relationships and develop with
these organisms ways to collaborate and participate in the design of courses
focused on web application security.


OWASP has the knowledge and critical mass to give an invaluable input to any
Academy focusing on this area - both by contributing with its expertise in
the definition of curricula and course contents that explore and study the
web security field and by making available to the Academy its pool of
interested and willing security experts as trainers. 


As mentioned above, this concept is just at its beginning and we do not
have, as of yet, a clear methodology or set of rules to implement what
hopefully will be a new area of work for OWASP. What is clear, however, is
that to make this happen we will need your input and ideas, your energy and
your initiative. Moreover, as we are planning to include this discussion in
one of the Working Sessions to be held in the upcoming OWASP Summit 2011,
this would be the perfect timing to gather your input and contributions.


Being so, if you have contacts within your local academic communities and
would like to be involved in the design and development of this  concept,
please do get back to me with your thoughts!


I am looking forward to hearing from you!






Sandra Paiva

 <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Sandra_Paiva> OWASP Training Manager


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