[Owasp-leaders] FW: Adaptación copyleft de Una Guía para Construir Aplicaciones y Servicios Web Seguros

James McGovern JMcGovern at virtusa.com
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May I provide a challenge to your assertion? Increasingly, businesses will want to move the notion of signing of documents to web sites. As a previous architect for The Hartford, we felt it was important for someone who received an insurance quote to "sign" online instead of attempting to send physical paper in the mail, waiting for it to come back, archiving, following up if it didn't come and so on. The typical components of an e-signature approach contain many of the aspects that SHOULD be of interest to the OWASP community. First and foremost, you need to have a stronger method for validating "identity" beyond just usernames/passwords. This can include a variety of schemes such as knowledge-based authentication, etc. The weaknesses of knowledge-based authentication are 90% overlapping with the weaknesses of bad password reset approaches.

The second half of an e-signature approach is to focus on recording "intent". Did the person intend to do the prescribed action in a non-repudiated way. If a e-signature approach allows for say XSS or CSRF the a user could legally repudiate not only their transaction, but call out the architecture flaw that repudiates every transaction that came before it as well.

The reason the OWASP community may not care is probably more due to the fact that few are asking for this capability, but the technical aspects of the approach are still the same topics we talk about as a community, just with different packaging.

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Hi James and List 

I got answer from CERT guys at Spain, they are a government institution, so they have other security guidelines specific to Spain and best practices (like electronic signature usage (DNI)) that want to integrate in one single master document. That is why the want a different version. I makes sense to me since that information will not be on interest of the general community (and if it does we can integrate it as that guide should be GPL as well).

They also plan to update the document to the latest version on WIKI, and for that part I am offering to do a joint effort and put the information on the WIKI itself.

Juan C Calderon

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