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Sethi, Rohit rohit at securitycompass.com
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James, I think this is what the “Centralized Security Configuration Options” requirement is trying to capture (to some extent): http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Projects/OWASP_Secure_Web_Application_Framework_Manifesto/Releases/Current/Manifesto#Centralized_Security_Configuration_Options

Maybe we can focus on practical ways to refine that?

Rohit Sethi
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I think this is a great idea and I would love to help.  Long overdue.  I do think that a common baseline is needed or simply an agreement on what existing baseline of x, y, z consists of is needed.  Whether x = CVSS for vuln rating, and y = FIPS 199 (HIGH, MOD, LOW) for impact analysis, and so on, I think we need to see what existing baseline of measurement criteria is out there for respective security disciplines (security incident monitoring, pen testing, web application testing (dyn/ static analysis), etc, before creating an amalgamation of source information.


I looked at your presentation and saw your email.  I couldn’t marry what your response on data labeling how to do with security metrics outside of the fact that in order for metrics to be applied, proper labels or categories of infosec info needs to be defined, but I couldn’t tell if your research spoke against or for this in general.


Tony UcedaVelez, CISM, CISA, GSEC
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OWASP Atlanta
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Hi James,

I studied a number of different labeling regimes and presented the results at OWASP AppSec DC 2010.  Here are the slides and what I intended to say is in the notes.


The key finding from my research is that the content of the label doesn’t really matter that much. Even though it seems like the point is to inform the consumer, that doesn’t work very well.  Actually what you end up doing is affecting the producers.  Which is probably what we wanted to achieve in the first place.

You can try my “Security Facts” label generating software at:


Have fun!


Jeff Williams, Chair
The OWASP Foundation
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Monday Thoughts.  We are great at capturing metrics around activities (number of incidents), money (security budgets) and even innovative ways to count things (CWE, CVE, etc) yet security still isn’t “visible” to the masses.  Jeff Williams and the Rugged crowd, threw out the idea of software ingredients. Should we attempt to capture that notion as part of Rohit’s Web Application Security Framework Manifesto where the protections are more of the ingredients than things such as weaknesses?

If you are a baseball fan (I am not), there is a popular book named MoneyBall where they have figured out how to measure/model the performance of baseball players which aided in creating market efficiencies. This was huge for baseball and I believe that infosec needs the equivalent. Is there merit in the metrics project figuring out how to build a data warehouse (think data.gov) that everyone could query to understand their security posture? It could contain products, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, ingredients, etc. We could even figure out a novel way of including the “findings” format that Dinis Cruz often leverages to discover new insights.

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