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L. Gustavo C. Barbato lgbarbato at owasp.org
Thu Nov 18 21:10:53 EST 2010

Hi guys,

  I´m writting to introduce myself according to Kate´s recommendation. Well,
I´m the Porto Alegre/Brazil Chapter Leader and Founder that has been just
created. Nowadays, I work for Dell in Porto Alegre and I´m one of the
responsibles for the application security program globally besides others
security-related activities.

 Below you have a brief description about myself that I use in Linkedin (

*Gustavo is Ph.D. (software security) and M.Sc. (intrusion detection) in
Information System Security as well as Bachelor in Computer Science. He has
worked in security projects for the Brazilian Government for many years
involving software programming, network and systems administration, computer
and network security, application and network penetration testing, software
security assessments, code review, malware analysis, intrusion detection,
forensics analysis and others activities. During that time, he has also
worked as security professor at college and postgraduate by teaching
subjects about network and information security. In the beginning, he used
to work as software developer and system administrator. However, the last
years were dedicated to security consulting on areas aforesaid. Nowadays, he
works as Security Analyst at Dell Brazil and Security Professor at UNISINOS
University besides being Porto Alegre Chapter Leader and Founder.*

Feel free to contact me whenever necessary,

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