[Owasp-leaders] OWASP job postings (was: OWASP 2010 Membership Drive)

Antonio Fontes antonio.fontes at owasp.org
Sat May 22 05:34:17 EDT 2010

On 22 May 2010 10:44, John Wilander <john.wilander at owasp.org> wrote:
> 2010/5/22 Seba <seba at owasp.org>
>> For job postings: pls direct people to
>> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Jobs

As a "local" example, the current OWASP job board is not interesting
for our members for 2 reasons:
- almost all jobs advertised are strictly restricted to US citizens
- there is no filtering

I guess the OWASP can get a HUGE advance as an appsec job postings
board if it provides leaders with a board that can be filtered by 2
major critical attributes:
- what country is the job into?
- are international applicants welcome?

Most job openings I receive are first to be advertised regionally.
It's more than cultural, it's in our Law: work permits are delivered
only if the employer can prove that local recruitment efforts failed
(and it seems to me that US laws require the same). having an
updateable field for the "international applicants" would enable
chapter leaders to increase the job visibility according to the need.
My new policy is to forward all local job openings I receive to my
chapter members (only 3, that's not much...) and other leaders I know
around Switzerland, then to the chapter mailinglist.  However, I
didn't advertise this to "non-members" as I don't know the official
OWASP's position. If the answer is simply "post on the board", then I
am sorry, I can't do that.

Whatever we do , I think we can stick to basics of human nature
regarding membership incentives, which include:
1) A useful price drop : I don't think 50$ off at a yearly conference
is a good incentive to becoming a member. Maybe I am wrong (what is
the conversion rate?) And we don't really do commercial stuff, so
let's just skip this.

2) A cool gift (the Maslow self-esteem/reconnaissance stuff) : the
current membership kit costs 23$ (source: latest global membership
committee) including shipping. What about replacing the "shipping
cost" by a printed version of the Top10 and the ASVS (similar cost)?
The shipping cost can be diluted by sending a 10-members box directly
to the local chapter leader, who would be in charge of giving the
welcome kit at the next meeting (or before, when he/she can).
Moreover, let's not forget the membership fee which is partially
diluted into the local chapter funds. It could maybe partially cover
this action and I guess, giving this guides to members (who would
definitely show them to other members) would actually drive more
members in the OWASP.

3) Privileged information: in most countries, being a membership
doesn't change anything in the relation between a member and the
OWASP. I think there should be some privileged information. I don't
mean information should not be accessible to others, just that it
should be structured and broadcasted to members before it is to
others. And typically: local job postings would be a good point to
start with.


ps: I understand my ideas may sound controversial due to the open
nature of the OWASP, but even if they are 'wrong', discussing them
might drive us to other/better ideas ;)

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