[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Poland: Status and few questions

Przemyslaw Skowron przemyslaw.skowron at gmail.com
Thu May 20 16:44:36 EDT 2010


This is my first e-mail to owasp-leaders so I would like introduce myself.

My name is Przemyslaw Skowron and since December 2009 I'm new OWASP
Polish Chapter leader. Till December 2009 I was frequently speak on
the OWASP Poland meetings and working with Leonardo Cavallari during
one of the OWASP Grants. More information about me you can see here
(http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Rezos) and here

Because in my opinion we worked hard in Poland on OWASP promotion
during last 6 months I would like to share out with OWASP community a
few informations, maybe our success.

1) Since December 2009 we have aranged 4 meetings in Cracow and 1 in
Warsaw (capital of Poland). On all of them we had between 30 and 60
people. Almost all meetings in Cracow was hosted on AGH - University
of Science and Technology. We are cooperating with ISSA Poland and all
meetings are organised together where we help each other - mainly in
promotion and we exchange ideas. First meeting in Warsaw was hosted on
E&Y office during first ISSA Poland meeting this year.

2) Obviously we have presentations files from meetings but from the
last two additionally we have audio-video material. Because I have
signals from OWASP enthusiasts that not everyone can attend the
meetings - they are living hundreds of km from Cracow/Warsaw, my
friends from http://varlog.pl site organize live streaming where we
have up to 50 persons online.

3) OWASP Poland was on a few conferences in Poland: SEMAFOR 2010
(mainly for IT Security managers), SEConference 2010 (mainly for young
hobbyist/students, researchers and specialists). On all above I was
speaker and talked about OWASP Projects and Incident Handling from the
Web Application attacks point of view. In near future OWASP will be
promoting on CONFidence 2010, InfoTRAMS 2010 and probably few other
conferences. OWASP Poland will be on the Krakspot meetings too - OWASP
arousing interest in a different circles.

4) And on the end, we are working on OWASP ASVS translation to Polish,
soon we would like publish.

Few questions:

1) From a few days on the owasp-poland maillist we discuss about
criterion assessment of e-banking security. We don't want to reinvent
the wheel, espacially if somebody did a good job in this subject. Do
you know about any projects in this or related subject? If yes, please
drop me a line about it. Any ideas very welcome.

2) Our friend - ISSA Poland, on the site (http://www.issa.org.pl/)
promote OWASP Poland on the banner with link to OWASP wiki. Can I add
ISSA Poland banner on OWASP Poland Chapter site
(http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Poland) ?

Thank you for your energy and your time! - OWASP community.
Best regards,
Przemyslaw Skowron, <przemyslaw.skowron {at} gmail.com>

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