[Owasp-leaders] Commercial delivery of courses based on OWASP materials

Adam Muntner adam.muntner at quietmove.com
Fri May 14 00:28:03 EDT 2010

i) are compatible with OWASP's values/independence and SHOULD be
allowed (but monitored to prevent abuses)

Is there any good reason not to allow this for all?

   Option 1: Buy advertisement space on www.owasp.org (i.e. the banner
that shows up at the top of the home page and the local chapters)
   Option 2: Send an email with the course's details to the respective
OWASP mailing list (i.e. Top-10, WebGoat, Testing Guide, openSamm,
ESAPI, ASVS). Assume that this is done with 'good taste' (i.e no
'snake oil' or super-sales pitch)
   Option 3: Include a mention to it at the next OWASP Newsletter
   Option 4: Put a direct link to it from the respective OWASP Project
(maybe on a section dedicated to these type of events)
   Option 5: Put a direct link from a Training page on the OWASP
Commercial Services section of the OWASP website

Instead of 4, why not just link the project page to the relevant
commercial services page? Less to maintain.

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