[Owasp-leaders] Possible misuse of owasp.org wiki space

Rogan Dawes rogan at dawes.za.net
Mon Jun 28 07:15:14 EDT 2010

On 2010/06/28 1:10 PM, Paolo Perego wrote:
> Hi leaders, with a bit of surprise I found this link in our wiki
> (http://www.owasp.org/index.php?title=How_to_rip_DVD_movies_to_iPhone_4_easily).
> I followed the link, thinking about an how to rip the Owasp Conf
> recorded videos, but this page seems completely unrelated to Owasp
> project intents.
> I think wiki model is Open and it's good but applying some rules as
> projects are growing can make our days.
> What about making a CMS software selection to allow chapter/project
> leaders to work on their related material and let the same for
> reviewers, news editors and people like them?
> Indeed, I think this content must be removed and the user prompted.
> Ciao ciao
> Paolo

It looks like Aneesoft-related spam, to me. The user has only created 
two pages, both in the last 4 days, both referring to a commercial video 
converting software. Seems straightforward enough.

I'd say delete it, and deactivate the account.


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