[Owasp-leaders] Status of OWASP Grants / Seasons of Code

Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Sun Jun 13 22:19:20 EDT 2010

On the owasp front page we have a "Grants" section which links to this 

A few questions:
1. Are we still funding Grants for research / work?
2. If so, has anyone applied recently or been approved?
3. Should we perhaps remove or update the Season of Code 2009? I believe 
that never happened.
4. Are we planning any future seasons of code? It may just be me, but it 
seemed that the 08 SoC made lots of things happen for OWASP. Since then 
things have seemed a bit slow.

Thanks for any responses/info on the subject.

Michael Coates	

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