[Owasp-leaders] Can someone summarize "OWASP Gate"?

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Sun Jul 11 20:43:20 EDT 2010

There are personality clashes in Australia. There is a block of folks who do not like Christian and are causing trouble. 

You can find more out by looking at 

cmlh - Christian's real account. He responds to many of the trolls so you can find out the major actors easily
_cmlh_ (fake CMLH Twitter account by one of the folks who is leading this charge against Christian)
TownyRoberto (most likely a fake account, but hard to tell)

There are many others as well - you can find them by looking through those Tweets if you really care. Some of the folks are very big names in the Australian info sec industry, so don't assume everyone hating on Christian is a troll, but many are. 

There are other background issues going on here as well:

* Christian is trying to sort out corporate / vendor neutral OWASP meetings in most capital cities - at least the cities with over 1 million folks (Sydney, Melb, Brisbane and Perth). This is putting a few folks out of joint, especially where meetings are actually being held. We do need to sort out the reasons why a city of 4.5 million folks (Sydney) cannot manage even four meetings a year, but I'm not sure the current approach is working at all. The only chapter with regular meetings is Melbourne, but Christian feels that this meeting is captive to its (corporate) hosts and wants to share the hosting duties around. This is obviously going to annoy the current organizers. 

* Christian and I have been trying to get an OWASP AU 2010 Day off the ground in concert with Ruxcon in November. This has been canned - my home life is just too volatile and Ruxcon have prevaricated with me since February until I gave up in June, and seem to be hating on Christian in a way I've not seen before. Some of the folks you see hassling Christian in Twitter are Ruxcon folks. 

There are legitimate concerns in both camps' position. 

I will await the outcome of the Investigation as this is separate issue to the others I've just introduced. 


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