[Owasp-leaders] Web Application Vulnerability Examples

John Wilander john.wilander at owasp.org
Thu Dec 23 04:58:34 EST 2010

I think Stephen is right. We need two projects. One for stable
regression testing (and benchmarking?) of scanning tools. Not sure
what kind of infrastructure that one needs. Maybe in-memory stuff will
suffice? Anyway, Psiinon and Chris might be able to merge their suits?
The other project is the demo/training app. As soon as I have
something up on GitHub I'll let you guys know and maybe we can start
adding labs and features together.


2010/12/23 Chris Weber <chris at casaba.com>:
> I created a set of pages for regression testing our Watcher passive scanner.  It's kind of embarrassing in it's simplicity but may serve you ok and has around 40 tests.
> http://www.nottrusted.com/watcher
> -Chris Weber
> On Dec 22, 2010, at 5:33 AM, "psiinon" <psiinon at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> As part of the development of the Zed Attack Proxy I need a simple set
>> of web pages that exhibit standard vulnerabilities.
>> I know about the example vulnerable apps like Webgoat, DVWA, Gruyere,
>> Hackme etc.
>> However these are aimed at people.
>> I want a set of web pages for regression testing ZAP, so I'd like as
>> many examples and variants as possible, ideally with just one example
>> per page.
>> Do any of you know of such examples?
>> If not then I'll implement them myself (I've already made a start),
>> but if anyone else wants to get involved then I'd welcome the
>> assistance :)
>> I guess these examples could be useful to other projects.
>> In theory such pages could be used to test the effectiveness of
>> vulnerability scanners, although my goal is to develop a regression
>> test suite for ZAP.
>> They could also be used as a training aid. (Not sure what a specific
>> vulnerability looks like in practice? Look here...)
>> So does anyone think they should be spun of into a new OWASP project,
>> either now or potentially later?
>> Many thanks,
>> Psiinon
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