[Owasp-leaders] Your participation for the Chapter session at the Summit?

Seba seba at owasp.org
Mon Dec 20 15:37:23 EST 2010

Hi All,

I have filled in the stub for the chapters session at the Summit.


Chapters are where we spread our OWASP message and where 'the rubber hits
the road' as an organization.

We really need YOUR input as chapter leaders to make this a success.

Let me know what you need as chapter and how OWASP can structurally help you
run a 'better' chapter!

This brings us to the logical question: what is a successful chapter?

Do you have quantity and or quality in mind in terms of 'outreach'?

Should chapters support projects and or conferences?

Should chapters work together with local governments and/or academic

What governance is 'right' for a local chapter?

Do we need a chapter in every city and on the International Space Station?

All these questions and other questions should be open for discussion during
the workshop.

But we'll be able to make it more effective if we know YOUR challenges, and
I am pretty sure the answer is spread amongst the active chapters worldwide.

So please, PARTICIPATE in the preparation, during the workshop (on-site or
remotely) and after the summit!

If you plan to join us onsite: fill in your name in the workshop session?

If you can't make it: let me (or any other member of the Global Chapters
Committee http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Global_Chapter_Committee) know your

Thank you,

Kind regards,

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