[Owasp-leaders] Summit 2011 - University Outreach

Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Mon Dec 20 07:19:20 EST 2010

All leaders,

For the Summit 2011, we have invited all OWASP Educational Supporters.

We know, you have more contacts with universities. Some of them not being an
OWASP Educational Supporter due to internal bureaucratic reasons. Of course,
we do not want to exclude them.
Please forward the universal invitation to universities you are in contact
with, working together and supporting the OWASP mission.

During the university outreach working session, we hope to bring OWASP
educational supporters together and address questions such as:

●     What security education programs currently exist in university
settings around the world?

●     How can OWASP participate and influence the curricula of these
educational programs?

●     How can we foster relationships between OWASP and universities?

●     How can the relationship between OWASP and universities be

●     What can OWASP offer universities and what can they, in turn, expect
from each other?

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