[Owasp-leaders] Developers Vs Security professionals

John Wilander john.wilander at owasp.org
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Word, Gunnar!

My firm belief:
Being in the middle of application security means 70 % software and 30 %
security. Software development and engineering is simply a much larger
discipline and knowing where security fits in requires hands-on knowledge on
how software is made ... today. You can stay away from code and be
tremendously successful in *IT* and *information* security, but you have to
spend lots and lots of time with software development to be successful in *
application* security.

You don't have to believe in it at all :).


2010/12/9 Gunnar Peterson <gunnar at arctecgroup.net>

> I wrote a Enterprise Security To Do list for 2009, the first and second
> recommendations relate directly to this
> 1. Educate yourself on state of the practice in software development
> Spend as much time (or more) reading about software and data as reading
> Bruce Schneier and security. Specifically, security people should pick some
> good topics in software and data and follow up on them - some good places to
> start Martin Fowler, Pat Helland, and Kent Beck. if you want to be taken
> seriously by developers, you need to master this stuff before lecturing
> developers on how you think the so-called SDLC should work. Plus
> understanding the software development rabbit holes in your organization
> will help you craft more successful implementations.
> Or as Steve Ballmer says,"Developers.Developers.Developers."
> 2. Eat lunch with developers
> Take some of your security budget and eat lunch or drinks or coffee with
> some folks in development. People are the keys to solutions. Security people
> need to build good relationships with the software developers that need to
> carry the mail.
> http://1raindrop.typepad.com/1_raindrop/2009/01/enterprise-security-2009-to-do-list.html
> -gunnar
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