[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Melbourne chapter needs your help.

Serg B serg at owasp.org
Sun Dec 5 02:00:11 EST 2010

Hi All

As you all know, there has been some commotion with the OWASP
Melbourne chapter, as well as change in chapter leaders.

The chapter is currently being built up again. We have already
organised some give-aways and looking for high-profile speakers.

The new chapter leaders for OWASP Melbourne chapter, taking over from
Jean-Marie, are:

   Richard Farrell (Ref001 at gmail.com)
   Serg Belokamen (serg at owasp.org)
   Sandeep Nain (nainsandeep at gmail.com)

I've been trying to contact few people behind the scenes a couple of
times but I haven't received any replies.

To get the ball rolling, could we please have the mailing list
credentials for OWASP Australia list reset ( current credentials
unknown)? Also, could we please setup OWASP.org email accounts for
Richard and Sandeep?

Finally, who are the OWASP contact responsible for funding and
sponsorship of local chapters?


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