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Hello Nam,


Do you happen to easily find a link to please send us off? I thank you in advance.



- Paulo



Paulo Coimbra,

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Dear leaders


I really like the ISACA cirriculum model. Perhaps OWASP, as one of the app-sec authoritives, could produce a similar model for undergraduate or master degree?





On Tue, 30 Nov 2010 15:21:26 -0800 (PST) "Eng. Talal Al-Basha" <talal_basha1982 at yahoo.com> wrote:


> Dear Sandra,

> I have suggestion regarding universities, we should prepare scoped 

> projects and ideas which could be done as students graduation 

> projects. in this case, students will have the chance to work on real 

> projects and we can develop our projects.


> regards,

> Talal AlBasha

> OWASP Syria chapter leader



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> All,


> Following the email below, I am writing you just to say that if you 

> didn´t have the opportunity or the time to participate in this 

> discussion, you can still do it. We have received a lot of feedback 

> and interest and are organizing a meeting for January where we hope 

> some work can be done to be presented and discussed in the February Summit.


> If you feel that you would like to engage and give your contribute, 

> please fee free to contact me!


> Many thanks, best regards,

> Sandra



> Sandra Paiva

> OWASP Training Manager


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> Dave Wichers; Dinis Cruz (dinis.cruz at owasp.org); Eoin Keary; Jeff 

> Williams; Matt Tesauro; Sebastien Deleersnyder; Tom Brennan

> Assunto: OWASP Academies.


> Dear all,


> I have been asked by the OWASP Board to start off the process of 

> designing and building a new concept that will be closely linked to 

> the training activities promoted by OWASP and that intends to take this area one step further.


> The idea is to create what we will call OWASP Academies – 

> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Academies.



> The OWASP Academies will be a frame under which work should be done 

> with Universities, Polytechnic Institutes, IT Schools and other 

> Academic institutions with a view to establish solid relationships and 

> develop with these organisms ways to collaborate and participate in 

> the design of courses focused on web application security.


> OWASP has the knowledge and critical mass to give an invaluable input 

> to any Academy focusing on this area – both by contributing with its 

> expertise in the definition of curricula and course contents that 

> explore and study the web security field and by making available to 

> the Academy its pool of interested and willing security experts as trainers.



> As mentioned above, this concept is just at its beginning and we do 

> not have, as of yet, a clear methodology or set of rules to implement 

> what hopefully will be a new area of work for OWASP. What is clear, 

> however, is that to make this happen we will need your input and ideas, your energy and your initiative.

> Moreover, as we are planning to include this discussion in one of the 

> Working Sessions to be held in the upcoming OWASP Summit 2011, this 

> would be the perfect timing to gather your input and contributions.


> Being so, if you have contacts within your local academic communities 

> and would like to be involved in the design and development of this  

> concept, please do get back to me with your thoughts!


> I am looking forward to hearing from you!


> Regards,

> Sandra



> Sandra Paiva

> OWASP Training Manager








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