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Tom - I have a bunch of language and can help with this effort. I think we
should put this under the legal project.


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Per the request of ongoing requests at my local chapter (NY/NJ Chapter) we
are staring a OWASP document project that will simply collect a list of
questions that <ANYCOMPANY> may wish to consider when contracting with a 3rd
party for application security assessment testing.  I would like to work
with interested parties of both technology, industry to produce a useful
template that can be a open-source document and another another reference
document for OWASP.

Some of the items we have came up with in the alpha phase are now listed at:
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_RFP-Criteria as will move this
document project to Alpha status in coming weeks..


April 11th = Request for OWASP Volunteers
May 1st =  Project online as a OWASP Alpha Project 
June 1st = Public RFC on RC1
July 1st = Close of RFC
July 4th = Public Release of Version 1.0 of the document

Should you have cycles and would like to be involved in this document
project please email me at tomb at owasp.org or call 973-506-9303 to discuss.

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