[Owasp-leaders] CISO AppSec Cheat Sheet

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Fri Apr 2 18:52:42 EDT 2010

I'd rather not confuse the existing, pretty technical, cheat sheet series
with articles like this.

I do think helping CISOs would be useful. Would this essentially be a
summary of what OpenSAMM suggests organizations do?

The 2010 OWASP Top 10, which I intend to release by April 15 by the way, has
a new page that wasn't in the release candidate called What's next for
Organizations, to complement the What's next for Developers/Verifiers pages
that were already included.

This one page might essentially be the 'cheat sheet' you are looking for.

Jim - can you give me a bit more detail on what you think this article would
cover, and if you simply wrote it as an article, rather than a cheat sheet,
would it still serve its purpose?

Thanks, Dave

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I was thinking of leading an effort to build an OWASP "CISO AppSec Cheat 
Sheet" - would this effort duplicate another in OWASP?


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