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Lorna Alamri lorna.alamri at owasp.org
Sun Sep 27 22:48:54 EDT 2009

Hey Dinis,
I did mention to Kuai I'd like to be involved on a project. So sign me.

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 8:21 PM, dinis cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org> wrote:

> we currently use a Google Calendar to list the next events (as you can see
> on www.owasp.org), but I'm not sure how effective it is since it is not
> always up-to-date (here is the current calendar
> https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=hl6cjgs6ep1h7oniqgueu2bhbo%40group.calendar.google.com&title=Global%20OWASP%20Events&chrome=NAVIGATION&height=400&epr=2&mode=AGENDAand this this looks like an old page with past events
> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Community)
> Loma, we have been trying to do this for a while (since it is quite
> important for our community),  the problem here is finding the right person
> with the time, energy, focus and skills to pull this off (see
> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_Newsletter for the last
> attempts).
> Did I hear that you (Loma) want to take on this task? (and be more involved
> with the OWASP PR project?)  :)
> Dinis
> 2009/9/24 Lorna Alamri <lorna.alamri at owasp.org>
> Dinis,
>> Putting together a newsletter similar to this would not be too difficult
>> once the template was together. It would require all the chapters using the
>> same method for registration for meetings if we wanted to provide a link for
>> registration. For example, the MN Chapter now uses the free version of
>> Eventbrite for all our meetings for registration, however I know some of the
>> other chapters do not have people rsvp and some send out a calendar invite.
>> There would need to be a decision made centrally and pushed out to all the
>> chapters on how registration, meeting announcements and chapter pages would
>> be updated if you wanted the newsletter to link to chapter meeting
>> reservation. Having the meeting announcement which ties to the ability to
>> download a calendar reminder and directions seems to have helped our
>> attendance numbers.  I know for myself, if my phone doesn't beep me - I
>> don't go ;)
>> I think it's a great idea to have a monthly or quarterly OWASP newsletter
>> though you may want some information to be by region. I would also add a
>> section for OWASP project updates, project news, new project announcements,
>> etc.
>> Lorna
>> On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 10:55 AM, dinis cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org>wrote:
>>> While we are on the subject of OWASP website and communication, see below
>>> a good example of a 'where are the next events' type of newsletter.
>>> The good news is that we have enough events at Owasp to create similar
>>> ones
>>> The question is 'who is going to do it'?
>>> Dinis
>>> *From:* "The VMware User Group Team" <vmwareteam at connect.vmware.com>
>>> *Date:* 23 September 2009 10:34:46 GMT+01:00
>>> *To:* <dinis.cruz at ouncelabs.com>dinis.cruz at ouncelabs.com
>>> *Subject:* *Upcoming VMware User Group Meetings*
>>> *Reply-To:* "The VMware User Group Team" <vmwareteam at connect.vmware.com>
>>>  View this email on mobile devices<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/es.aspx?s=524&e=10169218&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5&OPENID=Mobile>| Online
>>> version<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/es.aspx?s=524&e=10169218&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5&OPENID=Browser>
>>>  [image: VMware VMUG Newsletter]<http://www.vmware.com/resources/communities/usergroup/events.html?elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>>   [image: Become a Member]<http://www.vmware.com/resources/communities/usergroup/events.html?elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5> [image:
>>> VMUG Communities]<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=5848&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>  East
>>> (EST) Events
>>> Come network with an innovative group of VMware users, as we meet to
>>> share ideas and learn how to get the most out of your VMware solutions!
>>> **There is no cost to attend.*
>>>  [image: Upcoming VMUG Meetings]    September
>>>         09/29/09 Cleveland, OH Cleveland Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=4254&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6604&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>>   October
>>>    10/01/09 West Chester, OH Cincinnati Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6238&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6649&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 10/01/09 Columbia, SC Columbia Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6843&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=2241&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 10/15/09 Rochester, NY Rochester Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6424&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=2259&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 10/20/09 Syracuse, NY Syracuse Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6842&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1762&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 10/20/09 Columbus, OH Central Ohio Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6038&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6841&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 10/21/09 Gainesville, FL Gainesville Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7846&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7847&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 10/22/09 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6609&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1699&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 10/23/09 Louisville, KY Louisville Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7848&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1874&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 10/23/09 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Triad Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7705&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1774&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 10/29/09 Wilmington, NC Wilmington Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7706&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=5249&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>>   November
>>>         11/04/09 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Area VMware User Group
>>> Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6844&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=2905&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 11/12/09 Boca Raton, FL South Florida Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7849&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1644&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> 11/12/09 Toledo, OH Toledo Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6005&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6607&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> *Please note that this is a listing of all confirmed meetings scheduled
>>> for September - November
>>> with registration still open. Be sure to check next month's newsletter
>>> for any additional meetings.
>>>  *  [image: Full-Day User Conferences]   10/22/09 Atkinson, NH New
>>> England Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6009&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1787&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>   Meet
>>> up with the New England VMware User Group post-VMworld 2009 as we gather for
>>> our
>>> Fall Meeting in New Hampshire. There will be a sponsor exposition,
>>> repeating breakout sessions, and a customer keynote. *Limited Capacity*.
>>>    11/05/09 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Area VMUG Full Day Conference Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6603&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>>> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=2242&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>   Attend
>>> our first ever regional event in the Atlanta area! With a total of 24
>>> different sessions available to choose from, along with opening and closing
>>> keynote addresses, this knowledge-filled day is one that you won't want to
>>> miss!
>>>  [image: Tech Tips: Read More >]<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6582&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5> [image:
>>> Tech Tips: Read More >]<http://www.vmware.com/events/webcasts/?elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
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