[Owasp-leaders] (good example of upcomming events newsletter) Fwd: Upcoming VMware User Group Meetings

Lorna Alamri lorna.alamri at owasp.org
Thu Sep 24 18:11:07 EDT 2009

Putting together a newsletter similar to this would not be too difficult
once the template was together. It would require all the chapters using the
same method for registration for meetings if we wanted to provide a link for
registration. For example, the MN Chapter now uses the free version of
Eventbrite for all our meetings for registration, however I know some of the
other chapters do not have people rsvp and some send out a calendar invite.
There would need to be a decision made centrally and pushed out to all the
chapters on how registration, meeting announcements and chapter pages would
be updated if you wanted the newsletter to link to chapter meeting
reservation. Having the meeting announcement which ties to the ability to
download a calendar reminder and directions seems to have helped our
attendance numbers.  I know for myself, if my phone doesn't beep me - I
don't go ;)

I think it's a great idea to have a monthly or quarterly OWASP newsletter
though you may want some information to be by region. I would also add a
section for OWASP project updates, project news, new project announcements,


On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 10:55 AM, dinis cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org> wrote:

> While we are on the subject of OWASP website and communication, see below a
> good example of a 'where are the next events' type of newsletter.
> The good news is that we have enough events at Owasp to create similar ones
> The question is 'who is going to do it'?
> Dinis
> *From:* "The VMware User Group Team" <vmwareteam at connect.vmware.com>
> *Date:* 23 September 2009 10:34:46 GMT+01:00
> *To:* <dinis.cruz at ouncelabs.com>dinis.cruz at ouncelabs.com
> *Subject:* *Upcoming VMware User Group Meetings*
> *Reply-To:* "The VMware User Group Team" <vmwareteam at connect.vmware.com>
>  View this email on mobile devices<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/es.aspx?s=524&e=10169218&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5&OPENID=Mobile>| Online
> version<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/es.aspx?s=524&e=10169218&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5&OPENID=Browser>
>  [image: VMware VMUG Newsletter]<http://www.vmware.com/resources/communities/usergroup/events.html?elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>   [image: Become a Member]<http://www.vmware.com/resources/communities/usergroup/events.html?elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5> [image:
> VMUG Communities]<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=5848&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>  East
> (EST) Events
> Come network with an innovative group of VMware users, as we meet to share
> ideas and learn how to get the most out of your VMware solutions! **There
> is no cost to attend.*
>  [image: Upcoming VMUG Meetings]    September
>         09/29/09 Cleveland, OH Cleveland Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=4254&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6604&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>   October
>    10/01/09 West Chester, OH Cincinnati Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6238&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6649&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 10/01/09 Columbia, SC Columbia Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6843&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=2241&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 10/15/09 Rochester, NY Rochester Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6424&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=2259&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 10/20/09 Syracuse, NY Syracuse Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6842&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1762&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 10/20/09 Columbus, OH Central Ohio Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6038&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6841&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 10/21/09 Gainesville, FL Gainesville Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7846&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7847&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 10/22/09 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6609&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1699&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 10/23/09 Louisville, KY Louisville Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7848&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1874&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 10/23/09 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Triad Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7705&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1774&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 10/29/09 Wilmington, NC Wilmington Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7706&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=5249&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
>   November
>         11/04/09 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Area VMware User Group
> Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6844&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=2905&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 11/12/09 Boca Raton, FL South Florida Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=7849&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1644&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> 11/12/09 Toledo, OH Toledo Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6005&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6607&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> *Please note that this is a listing of all confirmed meetings scheduled
> for September - November
> with registration still open. Be sure to check next month's newsletter for
> any additional meetings.
>  *  [image: Full-Day User Conferences]   10/22/09 Atkinson, NH New England
> Area VMware User Group Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6009&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=1787&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>   Meet
> up with the New England VMware User Group post-VMworld 2009 as we gather for
> our
> Fall Meeting in New Hampshire. There will be a sponsor exposition,
> repeating breakout sessions, and a customer keynote. *Limited Capacity*.
> 11/05/09 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Area VMUG Full Day Conference Register<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6603&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
> Details<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=2242&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>   Attend
> our first ever regional event in the Atlanta area! With a total of 24
> different sessions available to choose from, along with opening and closing
> keynote addresses, this knowledge-filled day is one that you won't want to
> miss!
>  [image: Tech Tips: Read More >]<http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/er.aspx?s=524&lid=6582&elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5> [image:
> Tech Tips: Read More >]<http://www.vmware.com/events/webcasts/?elq=6a26f68e61c348e3b79d4cb0febed6d5>
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