[Owasp-leaders] Would the real OWASP please stand up!

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 My thoughts inline

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* You turn up to any other security meeting, you don't even mention the
acronym without getting looked badly upon

[JFM] OWASP takes the high road and has lots of integrity in its
approach. This has the side effect of torquing those who have less

* People actually tell me that they avoid going to particular chapter
meetings, because they are sick and tired of presenters implicitly
trying to sell their own company/service/tool

[JFM] This says that OWASP needs needs to figure out a method of
diversifying its chapter leaders. I can say that I have never attempted
to sell annuities at the Hartford chapter meeting :-)

* Chapter leaders do not want to go their own folks and ask for
donations; people that they have been together with from the beginning
of their security careers

[JFM] I think many of us feel that way. I only have enough courage to
ask for donations of those who hit me up for the same. Think Girl Scout
cookies, Lance Armstrong bracelets, etc

* You want a marketing department? Go hire one! The time that it takes
me to add double encoding payloads for sharepoint into JBroFuzz is the
time wasted on self assessment criteria. Project leader's ego aside,
which one is better?

[JFM] Expecting a bunch of techies to do marketing at best will result
in mediocrity. We should revive the notion of a separate OWASP PR
project :-)

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