[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Honorary Individual Membership

Paulo Coimbra paulo.coimbra at owasp.org
Fri Oct 9 06:18:22 EDT 2009

Hello Leaders,


Hope you all are well.


As mentioned in previous emails to this list, in recognition of the enormous
value provided by its leaders and contributors (projects, chapters,
committee & board members), OWASP is currently working on the concept of a
'one year Honorary Individual Membership' (HIM) to explicitly reward
contributions with a set of benefits. 


A more thorough discussion on expanding the set of benefits associated with
HIM is ongoing, but currently it includes:


- ALL the privileges associated with 'conventional' 1 year OWASP Individual
Membership - http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership, such as the right to
VOTE for the next OWASP Board member -


-  FREE participation on All OWASP conferences -


The initial awarding of 'one year Honorary Individual Memberships' uses the
following selection criteria:


- You are a past active project leader, 


- You are a current active project leader,


- You are a past 'significant' project contributor*, 


- You are a current 'significant' project contributor*,


* (meaning the contributor whose contribution represents at least 25% of all
the work done in a project according to the project leader's judgment).


However, to help with the logistical issues, we will need your assistance.
Before the specifics, thanks in advance for your current and past efforts
with OWASP. 


First, please glance at our new OWASP Projects Dashboard
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Projects_Dashboard and check out the
information for your project(s). Please let the GPC know if you find any
errors or omissions.


Second, the dashboard above was built to containing ALL the ACTIVE OWASP
projects.  So, if you are leading one that is not on the list, please let us
know.  We apologize if this has happened - the error is ours and we'll
gladly correct it ASAP.


Third, please send us any past leaders and contributors who are eligible for
HIM. To do so, either answer this email with a list of their names or
directly enter their names in your "project details page" by filling in the
"past_leaders_special_contributions" variable. The "project details page"
can be edited through a link placed in the last column on the right of the
Project's Dashboard row.


Again, thank you for your time reading and responding to such a long email.
As always, the GPC is at your disposal if you have questions.


Best regards,


Paulo Coimbra,  <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Main_Page> OWASP Project
Manager& Global Projects Committee



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