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> Didn't we forget something?
> For instance, why not to tackle both legal and regulatory subjects as well?
> Let me explain.
> The aim isn't to cover both legal and regulatory subjects as such, I mean
> not as much as a lawyer could, but rather to create an area where we could
> briefly explain (for/to enterprises, top managers) the Legal impacts in the
> event of non regards of OWASP' (main) bests practices, e.g. Top Ten, the
> Guide, etc.
> Indeed, nowadays, the legal requirements/constraints for instance about
> Privacy, etc. very often oblige us to put the technical means up and running
> to comply consequently.
> Moerover and in a more pragmatic way, we have also something about the
> contracts annexes, but cannot we merge and enhance all those things to
> provide a clear, usable and better understanding for all about this stuff?
> I'm convinced that'll be a very interesting and usefull stuff! (and btw,
> this will also interest Jeff and Aspect Security staff as well... ;-)

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