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Just for the record, a place on the OWASP board is a 'license/mandate to
work even more crazy hours for OWASP' (says he at 5am on a Sat morning),
so it really doesn't suit people who want the position because they get the
'extra benefits' (whatever those are)

I don't think that lack of performance from Board Members is not a big issue
at the moment (If it is please raise it), but as the board grows/matures, it
is definitely something that we will need to be aware of.

Regarding the abuse of the 'OWASP Leadership brand' (i.e. people who want
the role but don't put in the effort), I am much more worried about: chapter
leaders, committee members and project leaders. This is quite a hot topic
and one that will only get worse until we get a good grip on what exactly
are the roles, responsibilities and expectations on OWASPs: Board Members,
Committee Members, Chapter & Project Leaders (hey Tom B has been trying to a
get a decent governance model for OWASP for 1 year now, and he is still not
there :)  )

The fact that we are talking about ways to game the election is already a
great evolution since last year (or even 6 months ago) Board Member
elections was not even on the agenda.


2009/11/20 McGovern, James F. (eBusiness) <James.McGovern at thehartford.com>

> Observing something that has the potential to be gamed (something I do a
> lot of in my day job) that I wouldn't want us to solve for reactively.
> If you are a vendor, why wouldn't you want to say that not only are you
> OWASP connected, but your CXO sits on the board. Being on the board of a
> non-profit sometimes benefits the individual more than the non-profit...
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> Understood.  I guess I have two thoughts.
> 1) what advantage would a company have in acquiring a seat on the board?
> And would it be such an advantage that it's worth several thousand
> dollars?  I simply don't see this happening.
> 2) I think it would be very contrary to owasp principles to grant voting
> enhanced voting rights to corporate entities.
> Is this a serious concern of yours or just an academic exercise? :)
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