[Owasp-leaders] Pentesting: Is there a collection of REs for HTTP response analysis?

Andrew Petukhov petand at lvk.cs.msu.su
Fri Nov 20 11:15:09 EST 2009

does any one know, if there is a database of regular expression for
testing HTTP responses while doing a pentest?

Let me outline the problem (in a simplistic way):
- a black-box scanner can detect successful XSS by noticing the code it
had injected in subsequent pages;
- a black-box scanner can detect SQLI blindly;
- other possible manifestations of an exploited vulnerability are 5xx
codes and error mesages.

I know only about ModSecurity Core Rule Set. It can be used to detect
error messages.

Does anyone know other sources?

Thanks in advance!

Andrew Petukhov,
Moscow State University

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