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Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
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Regarding translations of release quality docs, I agree with Mike that they
should be release quality too. I'm not so sure I buy into calling Google
automatic translations release quality.




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My $0.02,


A translation of a release document should be a release. Of a beta a beta.
An alpha an alpha. This kind of thing is an impediment to promoting adoption
to the maximum extent possible. A missed word or phrase in a translation of
a document identified as release can be fixed in a subsequent edition w/o
damaging the OWASP brand or the overall technical content of the document. 


I would go so far as to publish Google/automated translated versions of
documents, anticipating making fixes in subseqent editions. Let's put 12
different versions of all the different docs out there, and let's do it
yesterday. We should be so lucky that people read them carefully enough to
catch corrections in order to make it useful to people in their
organization. The different docs aren't even in the game if someone in a new
setting can't even get a sense of how one of our tools could potentially be
of use.


Related (of equal importance in my mind), tool documentation should
correspond to the release of the tool. A release toolkit should have either
an UNRATED install guide, or one that is release. Tools also need to be
required to produce a minimum of documentation, including install guide,
release notes, admin guide, and a user or programming guide depending on
what the tool is (tool vs. API).




Mike B.



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Hello Leo

yes this is because published translations are considered Beta not release

Leaders/Project Comitee, this is something I forgot to mention at the
summit, Spanish translations are considered Beta regardless is the original
document is release. This because there is not defined a criteria for
translations to be considered release level. 

the questions is if the original document is release would a translation be
release level as well? (personally I don't think so) but if not, then what
would it take to get to that level?

Juan Carlos


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Hi Juan,
I'm doing a clean up on OWASP books at Lulu and just notice that Testing
Guide 3.0 in Spanish is in beta release.
Can you tell me why that?

As the ENglish version is on Release Quality, it might be a good idea to
check what is missing to produce the equivalent in Spanish. 

Thanks & Best,


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