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Juan C Calderon johnccr at yahoo.com
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Hello Leo

yes this is because published translations are considered Beta not release

Leaders/Project Comitee, this is something I forgot to mention at the summit, Spanish translations are considered Beta regardless is the original document is release. This because there is not defined a criteria for translations to be considered release level. 

the questions is if the original document is release would a translation be release level as well? (personally I don't think so) but if not, then what would it take to get to that level?

Juan Carlos

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Hi Juan,
I'm doing a clean up on OWASP books at Lulu and just notice that Testing Guide 3.0 in Spanish is in beta release.
Can you tell me why that?

As the ENglish version is on Release Quality, it might be a good idea to check what is missing to produce the equivalent in Spanish. 

Thanks & Best,

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