[Owasp-leaders] OWASP-CRM aka: Salesforce.com

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Fri Mar 27 13:41:51 EDT 2009


I am working on a ALPHA effort for OWASP Foundation known as
OWASP-CRM, we're live as of today.

This is actually Salesforce.com that is provided to 501(3)c
non-profits for FREE. As many of you know, typically fees of 25k+ per
year are not uncommon.

Today, this enterprise class solution is used by many in our
commercial space, but now is when that experience can be used to give
back to OWASP Foundation rather quickly.

What I am looking for is several volunteers anywhere in the world that
have experience with Salesforce.com work flow rules as well as
developers that have background in ApexCode/VisualFlex modules etc..
If in fact we are able to utilize this service for OWASP it would be
of great benefit for projects, membership, industry, chapters and
educational and daily organizational and administration efforts

Please drop me a note off the list to tomb at owasp.org or just call and
I will get you a account on the team to help with this effort to
improve that I am leading.

More information about non-profit salesforce can be found at
http://www.salesforcefoundation.org and


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