[Owasp-leaders] Ties to Google? Support OWASP's Mentoring Effort!

Jason Li jason.li at owasp.org
Tue Mar 17 12:41:26 EDT 2009


The OWASP Global Projects Committee has submitted an application to
participate in the Google Summer of Code as a mentoring organization.

Our hope is that Google will help sponsor work on a number of OWASP Projects
(to be determined by participants). As a mentoring organization, this
opportunity would raise the level of OWASP's visibility to developers and
other organizations around the world, as well as help supplement the OWASP
Season of Code projects.

The Global Projects Committee would like to ask that any leaders with
contacts at Google to put in a good word for OWASP's application as a Google
Summer of Code mentoring organization!

Feel free to direct any questions to me.
-Jason Li-
-jason.li at owasp.org-
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