[Owasp-leaders] Survey of London chapter attendees

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Thu Mar 12 15:24:13 EDT 2009

This information would be great to have.  Running statistics against this
data could provide surprising and potentially publishable results.


I forsee a google maps mashup!




Blake Cornell



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I too have been doing similar surveys in our meetings (Spain) and this is
our result:

- IT Manager: 9,43 %
- Security Manager: 7.17 %
- System Manager: 13,20 %
- Security Auditor: 10,94 %
- Security Consultant: 25,28 %
- Application Developers: 9,43 %
- Students: 1,51 %
- IT Professionals: 24,33 %

Maybe we could centralize the results of all the chapters, in order to know
the profile of the attendees. This is interesting, for example, because the
sponsors want to know this information.

Vicente Aguilera Diaz
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On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 8:04 PM, Dinis Cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org> wrote:

I'm currently at the London chapter meeting, and Matt (presenter) just did a
'real-time' survey of the audience that we should do at all OWASP chapter
meeting (and maybe the projects could do a similar survey of their users )

Dinis Cruz
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