[Owasp-leaders] Season of Quality - status update

Matt Tesauro mtesauro at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 11:40:29 EST 2009

At the OWASP Summit, a discussion of a Season of Quality occurred.  I
suggested we call it a "Spring of Quality"

In our opinion, Paulo Coimbra is the Season of Quality.

Here's why:
* Paulo has driven quality requirements for the Summer of Code (SoC)
2008 from its start.
* He has tracked the 34 SoC projects, made sure that the review process
was completed and ensured that each project met its quality requirement.
* All new projects are required to meet certain guidelines, establish
reviewers and be assessed based on the assessment criteria (alpha, beta,
release).  Thus all new projects understand from inception that quality
* He has been fundamental in the Global Projects Committee work
generally and especially for the next season of code.

Individually, you may have sent several emails to Paulo about a
particular project.  However, multiply that by the number of OWASP
projects and you begin to see how much Paulo has on his plate.  I've got
approx. 344 emails since mid-December just for the Global Projects
Committee from Paulo.

All that said, we wanted to make sure that the quiet, behind the scenes
work that Paulo does to ensure quality in OWASP projects gets
acknowledged publicly.

Sent and approved by the following Global Project Committee members
- Matt Tesauro (author)
- Jason Li
- Pravir Chandra
- Leo Cavallari

Note:  Dinis Cruz was not consulted on this since he also sits on the
OWASP Board.  I'm sure he would agree with the above.  The fact is that
the non-board members of the committee wanted to make this statement
since we work so closely with Paulo.

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