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Doug Wilson doug.wilson at owasp.org
Fri Mar 6 00:15:10 EST 2009

dinis cruz wrote:
> So for the ones that are proposing Forums, GO FOR IT , show us how 
> they work for your project or chapter. Make them SO powerful that the 
> mailing lists become redundant :)
I'm not proposing anything. But to play devil's advocate, aren't we 
supposed to only use central resources, for purposes of branding and 
consistency? To follow up on this suggestion, do we have license from 
the board to set up something that is chapter specific that is not 
running on the same technology as the rest of OWASP?

I'm asking that not to provoke, but basically if the answer to that is 
not "yes," then you're not going to have much experimentation, unless 
someone has the time to do it with some other project they are working 
on, and then desires to port it over.

If we have that license/freedom, I'll be curious to see what people do 
come up with.



Doug Wilson



OWASP DC Chapter Co-Chair


AppSec US 09 Organizer


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