[Owasp-leaders] Are Security folks too stiff

Dan Cornell dan at denimgroup.com
Thu Mar 5 16:15:32 EST 2009

A peer of mines sent me this link:

But also asked me a question of why aren't security types embracing
agile methods and lighter-weight methodologies? Any thoughts on CLASP
guidance when compared/contrasted against the Agile Manifesto?

I used to run a blog at http://www.agileandsecure.com/
<http://www.agileandsecure.com/>  for a while but got too busy to keep
it up.  I looked at some of the seminal Agile documents like the Agile
Manifesto and commented on how they related to security.
The blog is still up and has links to some presentations we gave on the
topic.  I have some more material from clients we worked with on these
issues that I just haven't had time to clean up and post.
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