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In addition to the Top 5 Special Announcements now posted at
www.owasp.org this email is about the NEW MEMBERSHIP MODEL and 60/40

Today, Chapter Leaders & Project Leaders (OWASP-Leaders) know first
hand about individual volunteerism and how your elbow grease has built
OWASP Foundation since 2001. As we start 2009 the spotlight is on
OWASP Foundation Inc., for application security.  Worldwide people and
peer organizations are utilizing OWASP guides, tools and attending
local chapters events and conferences to hear about OWASP projects and
connecting with peers. Collectively we are a respected and
professional association with a unified voice of peers with a wisdom
of crowds in a very small circle of people that associate with

In 2009+ your continued volunteerism efforts and the external support
of individual membership/supporters enable OWASP Foundation Inc., to
continue the mission in raising visibility of application security. As
a result of the working with members and supporters worldwide I am
pleased to officially unveil the foundation approved 2009 OWASP
membership model for 2009.

FULL DETAILS where else... but the OWASP WIKI ;)  see:

60/40 Membership Drive effective Feb 1st 2009
Requests to join OWASP Foundation as a organization of peers and in a
professional manner have also risen. Today there are over 2500 members
on the Linked'In business networking group close to 10,000 persons on
mailing lists and local chapters attendance is on the rise.   We have
actually reduced the individual membership fees by 50% to $50.00 usd
for a "individual" 12 month membership. To be recognized publicly as
an  "OWASP Supporter" a recommended donation of $5000.00 usd. This
category is also 100% non-profit tax deductible donation and a
optional barter program for University Supporters is available see
membership page for details.

Starting Feb 1st 2009, OWASP will "self-fund" local chapters by
revenue-splitting the collected fees 60/40. Continue to evangelize the
mission at your local chapter to both individual memberships and
supporter memberships and have them sign-up using the online form @
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership OR
https://www.owasp.org/images/4/4b/Membership.pdf if you prefer.
(Example if your local chapter drives 10 new members ($500) and 1
corporate supporters ($5,000) the local chapter would then have
$2200.00 earmarked for local chapter incurred expences. )

Finally, in 2008 one of the most frequently asked questions I received
from local chapters  was "how do we process checks or credit cards to
process donations of local chapter meeting sponsorship?" this was
solved and officially announced at OWASP Summit.  You can now visit
your local chapter wiki page today and there is now a button tied into
the OWASP Foundation Inc., paypal account
(visa,mastercard,check,eft,paypal)  that accepts donations earmarked
100% for the local chapter.

Local chapter leader(s) can simply submit a reimbursement request with
receipt (IRS accepts scanned images so do we) to Kate Hartman and now
the the local accounting problem has been solved allowing you to focus
on meeting content.

For more information on local chapter suggestions review the Chapter
Leader Handbook:

Finally, there will be a official announcement concerning the "2009
JOIN THE OWASP MISSION"  to every chapter and project mailing list
globally on Monday Feb 2nd 2009 to OWASP-ALL so think about your
future meetings on how to continue to reinforce and communicate this
global message.

If you have any questions concerning this revised model or suggested
improvements to it, please email us directly OFF LIST at
kate.hartman at owasp.org and cc: tomb at owasp.org in an attempt to keep
the mailboxes of the other 300 people on this list uncluttered.... we
will respond ASAP to your question or direct it to the appropriate
Global Committee Team

Thank you ALL in advance.

OWASP Foundation Inc.

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