[Owasp-leaders] Listing commercial products in OWASP projects

Pavol Luptak pavol.luptak at nethemba.com
Tue Jan 20 08:33:24 EST 2009

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 01:21:36PM -0500, Jeff Williams wrote:
>    I suggest that we should follow the same rule that is in force for Chapter
>    meetings.  The basic principle is that you can't use OWASP to promote your
>    product (outside of an authorized commercial opportunity - like an
>    advertisement, conference sponsorship, etc...)  Mentions of vendor
>    products are allowed on the website, but only in the context of a
>    particular problem, and only when a broad survey of the available
>    commercial and open-source tools is performed.

It sounds absolutely logical for me.

But what about a new vendor-unbiased, open OWASP project that would compare 
various commercial and free penetration tools, scanners (all high-quality 
stuff we daily use :-)

Because at the present time (when sometimes it is impossible to obtain from
vendor free/trial version) it is very difficult to compare various penetration
tools and decide which is better in which category....

And because almost all available (opensource + commercial) used tools would be 
mentioned in this project, this project should be vendor-unbiased.

We can benchmark these tools against OWASP WebGoat (or create some other
test samples).
And of course - if this "testing tool comparison/benchmark project" should be
vendor/product unbiased, it should be covered by some unbiased open foundation
(OWASP?) not by a private company.

Juan Carlos also mentioned than vendors are very reluctant to benchmarking
(some EULAs can contain clauses that prohibit you to benchmark some products).
Personally I don't know any "non-comparable" security tool, but if they really
exist, we simply would not involve these tools in the final 
benchmark/comparison (personally I would never buy a product that could not 
be compared with the other one :-)

Remember, our original OWASP mission is "to have more secure web applications 
in the world", so we can use this "open benchmark project" to support/promote 
_ALL_ high-quality tools (and in this case it doesn't matter if they are 
commercial or not).
I think that everybody would appreciate this project :-)

What do you think ? Is it compliant with OWASP rules?

Pavol Luptak, CISSP, CEH
OWASP Slovakia chapter leader

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