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Jim Manico jim.manico at aspectsecurity.com
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I would dare say that even in shared enviornments, that securing your use of passwords while they sit in ram in a JVM is very low on the criticality chart compared to the OWASP top 10 and other issues that ESAPI addresses. Even with a partially trusted enviornment - unless you are REALLY getting everything else right - don't worry about it. (Now you still need to encrypt data at rest - this is NOT data at rest, this is data *during operation* sitting in ram)
But then again, if you are in a non-trusted or partially trusted enviornment, well, should that kind of enviornment really be used for highly critical data?
End of the day - I think this is never an issue - and there is always bigger secure-architecture-fish to fry : even in applets!
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I completely agree with Jim with respect to server-side apps. However, its important to keep in mind your threat model when considering code in other environments. For instance, it could be a valid concern for environments with partially trusted administrators or for code in appliance systems that must be resistant to reverse engineering.


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