[Owasp-leaders] vicnum 1.4

mordecai kraushar mkraushar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 20:53:58 EST 2009


I have pushed to sourceforge a newer version of vicnum ( A flexible web app
showing vulnerabilities such as cross site scripting, sql injections, and
session management issues. Helpful to IT auditors honing web security skills
and setting up 'capture the flag'.) in both tar and ubuntu vm  formats.

Improvements include:

cosmetic (honest)
a new ctf built on the sql injection
documentation in pdf format

Not sure if a project with one developer and <1000 lines of code warrants
github but I have created an account and will work with Yiannis as discussed
earlier today.
Also not sure if this warrants an alpha to beta migration in the status, but
I wanted to get the word out to other projects that might incorporate vicnum
(live cd for example)
that there was an update.

As usual the 'game ' can be played at http://vicnum.ciphertechs.com

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