[Owasp-leaders] Hello ^^ I'm South korea Reader! Good to see you~

허영일 hur01 at nshc.net
Tue Dec 22 09:46:08 EST 2009

Hi list ^^


Thanks for interesting about web security information

Everyday and  Everytime  I really appreciate it with our information 


Above all let’s me introduce myself. Because I naver introduce to anyone
in OWASP Leader, 

I’m so sorry about ^^


Umm… I’m South Korea Chapter Reader and name is Louis hur

I’m manage security company (http://www.nshc.net)


And our company research about web security. 

South Korea Chapter have member about 100 person. But we usually have a



I have a something for OWASP-Reader

We runch new service “Safe Square Red Alert”

We provide security information and 0-day, and something like about security


You can gather it from http://isac.nshc.net


And You can use account info(id:hugo, Password:hugo77)





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Hi, I just blogged about the outcomes of the "Web Application Security:
What should Governments do in 2010?" panel we had at the last OWASP
conference in Spain: http://diniscruz.blogspot.com/2009/12/owasp-challenges-


What I would like to see happening next is for us (the OWASP Community) to
discuss these 5 items amongst us and come up with the official OWASP
recommendations for governments in 2010 which we should promote as much as
possible and track its usage (casing point the example of the Catalonia
government to include OWASP requirements in their RFPs)


So, here is the question: what do you guys think of these 5 recommendations:

1.	We challenge governments to work with OWASP to increase the
transparency of web application security, particularly with respect to
financial, health and all other systems where data privacy and
confidentiality requirements are fundamental; 
2.	OWASP will seek participation with governments around the globe to
develop recommendations for the incorporation of specific application
security requirements and the development of suitable certification
frameworks within the government software acquisition processes;
3.	We offer our assistance to clarify and modernize computer security
laws, allowing the Government, citizens and organizations to make informed
decisions about security;
4.	We ask governments to encourage companies to adopt application
security standards that, where followed, will help protect us all from
security breaches, which might expose confidential information, enable
fraudulent transactions and incur legal liability;  
5.	We offer to work with local and national governments to establish
application security dashboards providing visibility into spending and
support for application security.

Dinis Cruz

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