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The OWASP Board contacted Javelin, with a nice message to remind them about
the license associated with OWASP materials. They responded quickly and very


"It has been called to our attention that Javelin released a report in
violation of open standards. The report was pulled from our site immediately
upon notification; we have also instructed re-sellers to pull it
immediately. No funds have been exchanged for this report. We fully support
open standards. At the time, we thought we were actually supporting the
standard by releasing the report."


They understand the license now and may release their report (attached) for
free (and under the CC license. I'm not sure if they've added much value
besides removing the formatting from the T10, but if there is value, it will
be open for us to reuse.


Again, thank you for your help.  Please don't hesitate to alert the Board to
suspected OWASP brand abuse. In several cases, we have successfully turned
potential OWASP abusers into members and contributors.




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Research and Markets are research wholesalers. The true culprit is Javelin
Strategy and Markets.


If only OWASP knew a lawyer who specialized in intellectual property....


I appreciate all the notes I've received about the folks at Research and
Markets charging for OWASP materials.  I've attached the free sample they
provide for your review. The Board has contacted them and I'll update you
all when I know more. Thanks!
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