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I guess I see this differently, and also was under the impression this was

Presentations, in many conferences, no longer remain the sole IP of the
presenter. The conference organizers have the right to redistribute it and
do a lot of things with it. Moreover, many conferences (including commercial
ones such as RSA) require presenters to do the presentation in the
conferences' template. 

As I understood from the past regarding OWASP (I'm quite positive that this
was pointed out to be in AppSec 07 as well as in AppSec Israel, although my
memory may be betraying me) - this was also the case with OWASP. i.e. -
presentations in OWASP Templates, and speaker agrees for presentation
reusage under the general OWASP terms. 

I think it is important to allow it - especially with our current model of
chapters. Not every chapter can produce sufficient home grown materials, and
reusing presentations from other conferences (with credit provided of
course), is something I believe to be quite important to the nature of
OWASP. I doubt most presenters will skip an opportunity to get the marketing
oriented advantage of such conferences by requiring to give their
presentation in PPT. 

Just my .02 dollar :) 


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I may be alone, but I don't see how this is even an issue.

Presentations are the IP of the presenter. I don't understand how we can 
obligate them to provide their content in a format easily copied by 
others. The point of providing presentations (as I understand it) is 
sharing, not reusing. Yes, the content should be available to all, but 
not so they can reconstitute it as they see fit. In that sense, a PDF 
works just fine. If they decide to be generous and provide a full ppx, 
all the better.

Mark, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't a number of our speakers 
specifically decline to provide ppx files? If we try to force the issue 
as an organization, we may lose potential valuable speakers.


Jeff Williams wrote:
> I suggest that the conferences committee take this up as an issue for 
> future conferences. We could require a source document format, but 
> this may impact the desire for speakers (I hope not).
> --Jeff
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> Ofer,
> I understand and sympathize with your predicament. I took up this 
> topic with all of the AppSecDC presenters and asked if they were 
> willing to provide presentations in source document format (.ppx, 
> .pptx, .key, .odp ...). Many presenters chose to allow us to only 
> release the PDF format and we posted the least restrictive document 
> type that we were permitted to post.
> Thanks,
> -Mark
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> Hey Guys,
> I'm planning to do a quick overview of the most interesting things 
> from DC for our OWASP meeting tomorrow and I noticed that more than 
> half of the presentation in the OWASP DC site PDFs.
> It makes it very hard to reuse presentations (and more importantly 
> part of presentations) this way, which kinda defeats the point of 
> sharing and reusing.
> Just my 2 cents.
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