[Owasp-leaders] Virtual Conferences?

Calderon, Juan Carlos (GE, Corporate, consultant) juan.calderon at ge.com
Mon Apr 20 09:37:55 EDT 2009

Hi Tom

I guess that as we are 300 most of us try to be conservative and not to
"spam" the whole list 300X300 it a lot of messages :).

Anyway as the link you send looks more specific for NY/NJ meetings I
will send my vote here, I vote for a mixed event (both in person and
virtual at the same time) something similar to Portugal, but little more
formally pre-established (about connecting from outside).

Notice that this will decrement the already low numbers of live
attendance so maybe adding panels, pre-established night reunions or
similar to the live event can attract a little more people.

A final point, and re-starting the Openness fire. If we make the event
live and online we should allow anyone to attend so paying will be
merely optional or we will be closing the event to a certain number of
people just because they can pay, am I right?. The "benefit" of in
person attendance in terms of paying is the physical limitation of being
there, limitation that internet bypasses.

Juan Carlos Calderon

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All, we have over 300 people on this mailing list and only  (4) people
who voted for the record...

Cast your vote, record your comments, results are needed for the May
OWASP board meeting

Cast your vote here  --->
http://fs7.formsite.com/OWASP/form730961634/index.html  <-----  cast a


BTW May 19th and 20th my local chapter is doing our meeting inperson and
via WEBEX so if you want to go virtual check it out we have some great
speakers lined up see:
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/NYNJMetro still searching for
co-sponsors as well.
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