[Owasp-leaders] Virtual Conferences?

Mandeep Khera mkhera at owasp.org
Thu Apr 16 13:34:26 EDT 2009

Interesting idea Tom. Virtual conferences are definitely in. If the economy
doesn't improve in the next 2 quarters, we'll continue to see a dramatic
reduction in number of attendees. People just don't have the travel budget.
Most sponsors are also leaning in that direction. The downside of course is
you won't be able to do networking. Another thought, not to create more
work, would be to do both. Find a cheap location for the physical with a
live virtual conf integrated for people who can't afford to travel.

Mandeep Khera

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After doing the NYC 2008 OWASP event that had over 750 people, I
learned a lot and found new respect about the hard work that it takes
to organize a conference. Kudos to Dave Wichers, Jeff Moss, Bruce
Potter and other conference organizers world wide, its not easy.

I am throwing an idea out there that I would like global feedback of
the OWASP-LEADERS list members of this list.

Would you attend a OWASP event/training was virtual?

I am currently researching http://www.inxpo.com for this purpose.

If you have never seen what they do in 2D no client click:

We simply need some demographic information on this topic so I can
prioritize efforts.


Thanks in advance.

Tom Brennan
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OWASP Foundation
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