[Owasp-leaders] Virtual Conferences?

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Thu Apr 16 10:28:46 EDT 2009

After doing the NYC 2008 OWASP event that had over 750 people, I
learned a lot and found new respect about the hard work that it takes
to organize a conference. Kudos to Dave Wichers, Jeff Moss, Bruce
Potter and other conference organizers world wide, its not easy.

I am throwing an idea out there that I would like global feedback of
the OWASP-LEADERS list members of this list.

Would you attend a OWASP event/training was virtual?

I am currently researching http://www.inxpo.com for this purpose.

If you have never seen what they do in 2D no client click:

We simply need some demographic information on this topic so I can
prioritize efforts.


Thanks in advance.

Tom Brennan
Board Member
OWASP Foundation
Url: www.owasp.org

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