[Owasp-leaders] Request for Assistance OWASP 3.0

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Sat Apr 11 16:49:26 EDT 2009

Your individual and collective help is requested.  With OWASP having
over 130+ chapters and over 10,000 person on mailing lists OWASP
Foundation Inc., needs your assistance in announcing our new
membership model and reaching our 2009 membership goals.

As of April 11th 2009,  a new membership video of Dan Cornell of
Global Membership Committee is now live explaining the NEW 2009 model
to help you:

watch it now @ http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership

the committee also created an associated powerpoint (on the page) for
you to utilize at your next meeting.  We are also requesting you as a
chapter leader to send your own email to your local chapter mailing
list to relay this membership drive message with your local chapter
mailing members.


A realistic per chapter goal goal has been set of:  (1) University
Supporters ($FREE),  (1) Corporate Supporter ($5000) and (10)
individual members ($50) in the next 60 days of the 2009 membership

Remember 40% of the funds YOU raise remain allocated to local chapter
fund and can be used for ANY expenses that the local chapter incurs
such as refreshments, raffles, video camera purchase, local chapter
grant projects, hardware/software for local lab that is reimbursed to
a chapter leader by Kate Hartmann with a receipt.


To see/hear/read about what other activities are going on GLOBALLY
with OWASP Foundation Inc., please visit;





and more @  https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Global_Committee_Pages

Note, should you wish to be involved more or have a great idea, please
contact the 100% volunteer committee to make it happen.

Semper Fi,

Tom Brennan
Board Member
OWASP Foundation Inc.
Direct: 9732020122

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