[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Helps Security Professionals in a WeakEconomic Climate?

Mike Boberski mike.boberski at cox.net
Thu Nov 27 22:14:53 EST 2008

Steve, white papers are often used for lead generation. Perhaps an OWASP
project to create white papers that folks could use to help market their
services would be of service to the community.
E.g., one could imagine four generic white papers about each of the OWASP
ASVS levels ("Hello customer, I do Level 2 verifications, read this ASVS
Level 2 white paper, we charge x for Level 2").
E.g., one could imagine a white paper that is still generic but tailored for
a particular market (in this example, US Gov't) about how OWASP ASVS
verification results can be used as input into C&As, cut-paste into 800-53
security control documentation. 
I would be up for following through and leading such a project, if there is
community interest.
Best regards,


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WeakEconomic Climate?

As we all know, the world as a whole is experiencing a rough economic
climate (which will likely extend through 2009). That being said, an
interesting thought comes to mind... 
Can OWASP benefit and help security professionals weather the storm?
Since more talented people are available, OWASP can make a stronger push to
publicize the "Summer of Code" and similar efforts to recruit talent and
enhance projects. After the EU Summit 2008, we all have a lot more work for
our projects - should OWASP come up with a press release bulleting ways
developers / security professionals / etc can be paid for their
Please discuss...

Steve Antoniewicz
OWASP NY/NJ Chapter Board Member
212.279.3826 (d)
917.306.1269 (c)

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