[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Germany - latest OWASP introductionpresentation

Thomas Schreiber (SecureNet GmbH) ts at securenet.de
Thu Nov 27 04:50:14 EST 2008

Seba, thanks a lot for your spontaneous feedback!
Indeed, we only saw happy faces and got so much positive feedback. Georg,
the Oscar goes to you for this great organising job and leading us so
congenial through the day.
BTW: We've got a lot of pictures. Is it OK to put them online without asking
people first - any experience/recommendations on that?
Beste Grüße
Thomas Schreiber
SecureNet GmbH


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I am currently at the German 2008 conference. 
These guys are great! In 8 weeks time OWASP Germany has set up a one day
conference https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Germany_2008_Conference
Over 100 people are present. For a lot of people OWASP is really new. 
Great publicity in Germany for OWASP.

I have uploaded the OWASP presentation to

If you have OWASP introduction slide decks for specific target audiences,
upload them and let us know!
We can re-use them in the OWASP Education project.



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