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Dan Cornell dan at denimgroup.com
Wed Nov 19 08:28:25 EST 2008

I had the opportunity to hang out with folks that are working on our
branding aspects and wanted to understand if chapter leaders like the
notion of having an OWASP store where one could purchase OWASP logo
apparel, mugs and other items. Would we have a preference to outsource
such a model where we can derive some small revenue or should we go with
a model where we do it ourselves and make the opportunity for OWASP
members to purchase items cheaper by removing the middleman (at the
expensive of a less pleasing user experience).

It would be relatively easy for us to establish something like:
SC2>  I had a chat with the vendor and this would be relatively simple.

We do have the current CafePress store here:
http://www.cafepress.com/owasp <http://www.cafepress.com/owasp>   That
has a pretty limited selection of items right now but I suppose that
could be increased.  One issue with the CafePress stores is that the
items are created on a one-off basis so the pricing is a little higher
and the quality is a little lower than mass-produced items.

The reason I set up the CafePress store a while back (2006) was because
it is _totally_ outsourced.  As a predominantly volunteer organizations
I figured it was low value for us to use limited time resources to
administer a store, inventory, etc.

I'm certainly open to using another vendor/organization to run the store
if someone wants to take up the charge on this - I have no ego invested
in the CafePress site.  It was just an easy way to get something up and
running at the time.



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