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Dan Cornell dan at denimgroup.com
Wed Nov 19 08:28:21 EST 2008

Anyone care to guess how much stuff is sold via this mechanism?  I know
that I havent' purchased anything because the times where OWASP branded
apparel would make sense would be at work and I can't wear t-shirts at
work. CafePress needs to have more corporate type items for us to be
branded. Likewise, the prices are somewhat high.

I don't have to guess - there have been a total of 7 orders over the
past year for a total of 14 items.  I set the store up sometime in 2006
and it has pretty much been on autopilot since then.
CafePress does have some more "corporate" items
http://clothing.cafepress.com/mens-polos-and-shirts but the quality
isn't as nice as the conference items.  If there is a desire for more
OWASP items I ought to be able to set those up.
We used to have a markup on some of the items so as to get some money
back to OWASP.  I believe this made OWASP a stunning total of $75 over
the course of a couple of months.  Now the prices are the CafePress
defaults - the thinking being it is better to have the items be a bit
cheaper.  If the volume were to increase then the default prices might
go down but for these just-in-time items the prices certainly aren't
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